Sea Turtle

Sea turtles are marine reptiles which spend its life in the sea. It found in all of the world’s oceans except the Arctic. Sea turtle has a nickname that is “The Ocean Explorer”

Sea turtle migrate to other sea to find food. Their food is sea grass that grows on the sea floor or small animal. Sea turtle has two legs that give agility in swim. Sea turtle are able to migrate long distances in a sort time. Distance around 3000 km in 58-73 day.

Sea turtle has many kinds. There are seven kinds of sea turtle. The seven living species of sea turtles are : flatback sea turtle, green sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle, kemp’s ridley sea turtle, leatherback sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle, and olive ridley sea turtle. Green sea turtle is sea turtle that often found. The largest sea turtle is leatherback sea turtle. It has weight 600 – 900 kg and length 2, 75 m. And the smallest is olive ridley sea turtle. It has weight 50 kg.

Sea turtle was life since the end of the Jura time. It’s about 145 – 208 million years ago. Sea turtle has a same age with dinosaur. In that era, Archelon has length 6 m and Cymosely already swims in ancient sea like the sea turtles in this present.

Sea turtle reproduce by laying eggs. The female laid eggs on the beach. And then the female leave its eggs. After that, the hatchlings were born. They are trying to leave the seashore and come to the sea. In the sea there are many marine predators which want to prey them.

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